We are Scouts of the Warriors Mindset.
Masters of Grit.
Hunters of the Baseball & Life.

This program is not for everyone. Team Warstic coaches, players, and parents represent the mentality of our brand in real life. There can be no disconnect between our values and the the people wearing Team Warstic uniforms. 


  • I believe its the warrior, not the weapon. The first objective of Warrior’s education is to build strength of character and mental strength; otherwise my physical tools are useless.


  • I pledge that when you play against me, you will feel fully attacked. You will get my best effort. We hope you bring yours. My intent is to learn to be methodical about my business during the game. I am calm, present, mindful, aware of my surroundings, ready to hunt, and always poised to attack with 100% focused effort when it’s time.


  • I believe that without honor, neither talent nor learning can make the human frame into a Warrior. I respect my opponent in defeat or victory.


  • I am working to become master of my craft, but I am not extreme. I do not define myself by my craft. A master looks for balance in all things and keeps perspective on what is important vs what is only urgent. Without perspective we hold on too tight to be objective about failure. I can recover from failure because I have #GrAttitude for all the aspects of life. #morethanbaseballislife. Because I understand It’s not. I play with joy above all else.


  • I am only entitled to my labor; Not the fruits of my labor . #learnitearnit I am here to learn to compete, and to learn how to help my team win. I understand my journey is to learn to get the best out of my god-given abilities and mind. I’m not here to learn to simply showcase myself.


  • I believe in working to become a complete hitter and defender. I work to develop the full arsenal of my offensive game, and my worth as a defender, not just my offensive power game. What matters to me is my ability to make the killshot, even it is only single, or sac fly, or a routine defensive play. I’m here to win. Further, I love the game, and all of its intricately designed layers and required skills. I believe a game of only strikeouts and home runs is boring. I’m in on keeping contact in the sport, and time limits out of the sport.


  • I believe perceiving what is right and not doing it reveals a lack of courage. In short, ‘Courage is doing what is right.’The warrior’s code tells me that a man invested with the power to command and the power to kill was expected to demonstrate equally extraordinary powers of benevolence and mercy: Love, magnanimity, affection for others, sympathy and pity, are traits of Benevolence, the highest attribute of the human soul.

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