This program is for fanatical ambassador fans of the Warstic® brand. Membership into the Team Warstic network of affiliated teams is highly selective and scrutinized seasonally. Warstic Sports, Inc approves all membership. Approval for activation requires, in most cases, executing a full year as a POWER’D BY WARSTIC sponsored team.

Ultimately the leadership staff at Warstic Sports, Inc makes an assessment of how well the coach and team represent our core values and display a sincere interest and usage of Warstic products. After-all, we are not looking to grow our network of affiliated teams beyond the core fanatical interest in the mentality of the brand.


You should consider joining Team Warstic if:

  • You and your team are fans of the Warstic brand, and mentality, already purchase and use the products, and consider yourself an organic ambassador of the brand. You want to get those products you would buy anyway, for a significantly lower price, and dive into the deepest levels of our culture by becoming part of it. It's not about product discounts only, it's about being part of an our culture. If you are only seeking cheap bat deals this program is not for you.


  • Your team has a coach dedicated to a small group of engaged parents and players but wants to be part of something bigger. You want to contribute to the culture while maintaining full control over you baseball operations and fee structures. When you are a Team Warstic team, you get the benefit of being part of this nationwide, high profile network, while staying independent and controlling your own costs, your own schedule, your own practice style, and most importantly your own baseball operations. We are simply the sponsor that glues all these teams together from a culture perspective. Unlike typical select orgs we do not make efforts to control or ‘own”or restrict your teams, players, or coaches.


  • You want the ability to leverage the Warstic® brand name to assist you in attracting additional players, recruiting and viability beyond what you naturally offer. For players, Parents, and Coaches, being part of a national brand can provide and additional layer of fun, exposure, interest, and even visibility. We work on our end to gather and highlight the best content from our team across the county to create an engaging national social presence and learning opportunities. You want to be part of our grow tribe and work locally to spread the mentality and effect the lives of players in a positive manner. .You want access to additional mentorship and education for your players beyond your local staff via Warstic Pros, Warstic Sports, Inc Leadership and trainers, and Team Warstic National instructors. You agree that adding the #WarstripeNation mentality to your culture will benefit the development of your players beyond beyond what you individually can provide.


  • Your mindset IS NOT about recruiting players to build super teams. Instead your mindset is dedication to development, learning, and building character of local players. You have true dedication to building competitors not recruiting them.


  • You want to provide your team a bigger social media platform to highlight and celebrate their accomplishments on and off the field. Warstic® is the fastest growing brand in baseball.


  • Your head coach has interest in being a Warstic® Product Sales Rep. All Team Warstic head coaches are activated as product reps who make 10% commission on every product sold using their team buying codes outside of the required gear package. This system allows us to have real life representatives of the brand in the form of coach/mentors who understand our core values. Warstic ambassador coach dealers are available, knowledgeable, local touch points who represent our products and mentality. For every product that is sold using Team Warstic Head Coach discount shopping codes we payout 10% commission out 2 times per year. This includes all products on our site and in the team Warstic official clan gear shopping collections. We Provide mentorship through our national fitting director and team director who communicates with coach ambassador dealers to keep them educated on Warstic products to help them be more knowledgable and helpful. Let's be clear, we do not want hard core salesman for coaches. Obviously you are there to coach and raise young men and women via the sports of baseball and softball. But we love the idea that being an official Warstic rep can supplement the pay you receive for coaching and hopefully give you more time to dedicate toward the development of players. The idea is to be a great representative of the brand, lead these players through their development, and in doing so the opportunities for sales will naturally come.


For more information:

If you have team that would like to be considered to become Team Warstic please contact us at teams@warstic.com

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